Meet Rebecca


My family and I moved to Alberta a few years ago, but I have been actively involved in provincial politics for years in Saskatchewan. I have seen firsthand what it means to unite the centre-right to create a party that has strong fiscal conservative values to create a strong economy, yet still focuses on the needs of its people as the primary reason for prosperity.

That is why I got involved in Alberta politics; as I believed in the work Jason Kenney undertook to unite the right and provide an alternative to the NDP government. 

I also believe that in Jason Kenney we have a strong leader. A leader who will stand up for the best interests of Albertans; who wants fresh ideas and new people to help build this party; and who understands that forming government requires hard work, discipline and listening to the voices of each and every Albertan about the issues facing them and their communities, while pursuing a platform of economic policy.

That is why I have decided to run and seek the nomination for the UCP in Calgary-Shaw.

I am a hardworking, committed team player, and I hope I can count on your support.