Like many Calgarians, my family came to Alberta with the promise of opportunity, and one of the things I love most about Alberta is its entrepreneurial, hardworking and optimistic spirit. It’s these qualities that built this province, but also positioned it as a leader in our country. Albertans understand that a strong investment climate and competitive taxes help to build a strong economy, but a strong economy also means jobs, opportunities and a higher quality of life for ALL of the provinces’ citizens. 

However, the current NDP government’s taxes and regulatory policies are hurting our investment climate and economy, which means fewer jobs, less stability and higher costs for working families.

I believe we need to focus on:

  • A business-friendly investment environment

  • Repealing the carbon tax

  • Maintaining choice in education

  • Creating opportunities for young people and working families to prosper

Why? Because a strong economy means having the resources to support things that matter most to our citizens – such as high-quality healthcare and a strong education system for our children. And if our government can’t balance the budget, it can’t support these basic services we expect.



Meet Rebecca

I am a professional communicator, wife and mom of two. I have spent my entire career in public service, from energy to education. I also have a Master of Arts in communication from Johns Hopkins University, and this training and experience helps me look at government and policy from a people-first perspective. 

My family and I moved to Alberta a few years ago, but I was actively involved in provincial politics for a number of years in Saskatchewan. I have seen firsthand what it means to unite the centre-right to create a party that has strong fiscal conservative values to build a strong economy, yet still focuses on the needs of its people as the primary reason for prosperity. That is why I got involved in politics here in Alberta. 

Why I'm running

I am passionate about public service AND politics. I also spent a number of years in executive government and know what this job is all about - listening to people, hard work and smart, thoughtful policy.

I got involved because I believed in the work Jason Kenney undertook to unite the right and provide an alternative to the provincial NDP government. 

I also believe that in Jason Kenney we have a strong leader.

A leader who will stand up for the best interests of Albertans; who wants fresh ideas and new people to help build this party; and who understands that forming government requires hard work, discipline and listening to the voices of each and every Albertan about the issues facing them and their communities, while pursuing a platform of economic policy.

I am a hardworking, committed team player, and I hope I can count on your support.


Calgary-Shaw Boundary Map

Includes the communities of:

Shawnessy, Somerset, Silverado, Chaparral, Walden and Legacy

Click here to download the map (PDF)